About Launch Library

Dreamed up by Pete Riesett and Benjamin Higginbotham (of TMRO.tv) during the STS-135 launch back in 2011, the Launch Library is a free to use API for a repository of rocket launch information that application developers can use. Our REST-based API allows developers to write powerful, striking applications and web pages that engage their community with the exciting world of space exploration without having to worry of maintaining the data themselves.

Our data is maintained by an dedicated team of volunteers (Launch Librarians) from all over the world using verified first-party sources.

Who We Are

Pete Riesett (USA)

Launch Library Developer
Sofware Developer behind Launch Library and other odds and ends. Pete has has a love of space and technology as far back as he can remember, but became a true fan of spaceflight upon seeing a shuttle launch from the window of a rental car half a state away while on vacation. When not writing software, he enjoys playing medieval and Renaissance era music on the mandolin, and taking pictures of the moon through his telescope. @LLDev#1495 on Discord.

Benjamin Higginbotham (USA)

Creator TMRO (https://tmro.tv), Disney princess.

Irene (UKR)

Head Librarian
Yet another space enthusiast with interest in rockets. @spacevogel#8161 on Discord.

Craig Hair (AUS)

Craig has been a space enthusiast for most of his life. His credentials to be a Launch Library librarian come from playing in his room building Lego rockets at the age of 10. He was born, raised and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. As such tends to be a fairly quiet Librarian as most big launch announcements seem to happen while he is sleeping unless they are India, China or New Zealand. Although he is not afraid to stay up late or wake up early to watch a launch. Pre/Post launch news conferences and Senate Committee Hearings are also his jam. He works in IT as a Network Administrator with a specialty field of all things Apple. Hence the name. @MacsinSpace#8679 on Discord

Caleb Jones (USA)

Developer Support
Nerd, developer, space enthusiast. Developer of SpaceLaunchNow, @Koun7erfit#1628 on Discord.

Marcin Jasiukowicz (POL)

Tinkerer obsessed with space. Maker of rocket.watch. @yasiu#9263 on Discord

Jacques Rascagneres (GBR)

Developer currently studying Computer Science. Jacques gained a love for spaceflight after seeing STS-124 launch on a family vacation, since then he has followed the spaceflight industry with a particular interest in SpaceX (I mean SpaceX right?). Currently involved in numerous projects (https://github.com/JRascagneres) and the owner of https://go4liftoff.com/. @Scorp#3465 on Discord.

SwGustav (RUS)

Interested in exploration and colonization of space, spaceflight history, watching rocket launches, and other similar topics. Enjoys participating in space communities, runs the largest aerospace Discord server. @SwGustav#5262 on Discord


Bio coming soon. @ShuttleDiscovery103#3613 on Discord